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This amazing new adhesive is CLEAR in color and showcases the same amazing retention as our Black Magic Lash Adhesive.  Similarly to our Black Magic, this White Magic adhesive is CYANOACRYLATE FREE.  With a slightly more flexible formula, White Magic is more forgiving and allows you to unstick lashes more easily while lashing, while still boasting impeccable 8+ week retention to the natural lash.

You’ve got to try out White Magic! We promise you’ll love it… maybe even more than Black Magic!  Plus, it’s super super neat to be able to see your amazing lash fans come together super tight at the base once dipped into the clear adhesive. You’ll see what we mean once you try it 😉

White Magic Lash Adhesive:

*Is in a 5ml bottle
*Is CLEAR in color
*Holds retention of 7-8 weeks
*Has a thin viscosity
*Has a dry/ curing time of ~1 sec
*Works well in humidity levels from 25-70%
*Has very low fumes

*Disclaimer: This product is LATEX based and although it does not contain cyanoacrylate or any ingredients within the acrylates family, latex is a known common allergen and this product may cause an allergic reaction to those with a sensitivity to latex.  Plumerian Inc. will not accept any responsibility for damages caused due to incorrect use of the product or provide any refund to those who develop an allergic reaction to this White Magic Lash Adhesive.  We recommend doing a patch test prior to applying a full set using any new adhesive, including this one on a client.

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