Lash Removals

This photo represents a full lash removal in progress using Black Magic Eraser ~ our lash adhesive remover…

No matter what the reason for your client wanting all of their lash extensions removed, there is a very simple procedure for removing them.

Step 1 ~ Apply microfoam tape beneath your client’s eyes, over their bottom lashes. Refer to our “Why use Microfoam Tape” blog for information on how to do this.

Step 2 ~ Use 2 micro swabs and scoop enough of your lash adhesive remover to generously coat around the base of the lash extensions. Avoid getting the adhesive remover on your client’s skin and remind your client to keep their eyes tightly closed during the entire removal process.

Step 3 ~ Wait approx 10+ minutes before attempting to remove any extensions. Allow the adhesive remover time to break down the adhesive!

Step 4 ~ Use the 2 micro swabs to gently grasp the extensions and slide them away from you and off of the natural lash. If any extensions give resistance and pull at your client’s lash line, leave them for a few minutes longer before trying again.

Step 5 ~ Once you have removed all the extensions you can, if there are any stubborn ones left, you can re-apply some Black Magic Eraser and wait an additional 3-5 minutes before using the micro swabs to slide them off.

Step 6 ~ If there are any extensions STILL being stubborn, at this stage you can use your tweezers and use the isolation tweezers to grasp the natural lash at the base, and use the volume tweezers to grasp the extension and peel it downwards and towards you (in the manner of peeling a banana).

Step 7 ~ Once ALL extensions have been removed, its time to clean that remover off of your client’s lashes. If you attempt to use a cleanser and water and remove the Black Magic Eraser from your client’s lashes while they are laying down ~ chances are VERY high that the remover will seep into their eyes, creating great discomfort and a burning sensation (don’t forget that adhesive remover is strong enough to break down lash adhesive… take it from us and our personal experience… that stuff does NOT feel very good if it gets into your eye!!).

~ We recommend actually leading your client (with their eyes closed) to your lash sink that should be nearby. Remove the microfoam beneath your client’s eyes at this time and give them a face cloth and a lash cleanser and have them actually wash their own eyes. In the 397402 times we have had clients remove Black Magic Eraser in this manner, we have had ZERO cases where they got the remover in their eyes. Remind them to use the face cloth and rub their lashes firmly as adhesive remover can sometimes be stubborn and want to cling to the bases of their lashes.

VOILA! Your client’s lashes have been removed! This entire process typically takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes and will not damage your client’s natural lashes in any way.

Be cautious if you are planning to apply a full set of extensions following a full removal in this manner. If your client has sensitive eyes, doing a full removal and then a full set can be quite irritating and that is a long time for them to be laying with their eyes closed. The sclera (or whites) of their eyes can commonly become reddened and/or sore ~ but not to worry, this will resolve without any intervention within 24-48 hours and is NOT indicative of an allergic reaction.

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