About Us

The founder of Plumerian Lashes is named Melia, which is of Hawaiian origin, meaning Plumerian flower, which is how and why Plumerian Lashes got its name. The Plumerian flower grows in various warm climates in the world such as Hawaii and Australia, comes in various different colors including yellow and purple, and has a deliciously sweet scent.

The founder of Plumerian was born in British Columbia, then attended University in Calgary, Alberta and completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program, gaining her Registered Nurse (RN) designation.  As a Registered Nurse, Melia understands best the importance of providing our customers with SAFE products.

After becoming certified in volume lash extension application, Melia rapidly gained a steady and loyal clientele, learning the mega volume lash extension application technique within a few months after becoming volume certified.   Melia then began the process to launch her own product line and training programs.

Melia has travelled around Australia and was based mainly in Melbourne for 8 months back in late 2018 – early 2019.  She ran training programs and launched the Australia/ New Zealand version of this website!  We are now able to sell all of our amazing products to our AU/NZ customers with a much cheaper shipping rate than was originally offered.