The World’s Thinnest Lash Extensions

The world’s thinnest lashes on the market, made available here FIRST!

A new lash category is born

A lot of us have been working with 0.03 mega volume lash extensions for years! But we at Plumerian felt that there was space in the industry for something NEW, something even bolder than ever seen before. This led to the launch back in October of 2019 of 0.02mm SUPER MEGA VOLUME lash extensions!! Our 0.02mm lashes are called LAVISH LASHES and are available in a wide range of lengths in individual 16 line trays, and also in mixed trays in both C and D curls.

Build 20-25d super mega volume fans

Because Plumerian 0.02mm lashes are SO thin, you can easily build 20-25D fans without causing any damage to your client’s natural lashes! Their tapered tips give a very light and fluffy look, while also allowing you to build incredible volume and depth by building them into gorgeous 20-25D fans. Because of the super thin characteristic of the 0.02mm lashes, they easily spread like butter, never sticking to adjacent lashes, and forming gorgeous lash fans!

Characteristics of our 0.02mm lash extensions

✿ Super Soft to the touch (no “synthetic feel”)
✿ Tapered at the tips to create a fluffy appearance
✿ Fan easily, “like butter”
✿ Dark Black in Color
✿ Tight curl (tighter than other brands)
✿ Super thin diameter
✿ Come together super tight and rounded at the base (no thick or boxy bases here!)
✿ Do not lose curl over time
✿ Fan out easily without any stick to neighbouring lashes
✿ 16 line trays that are all numbered for ease of use

Join the movement

Join the movement towards using lighter, thinner, and safer lash extensions on your lash clients! 0.02mm lashes aren’t only good for building full 20-25D lash fans and building thick volumous lashes, they are also great if you want to build smaller 10-15D lash fans to use on weaker more fragile natural lashes to give your client’s natural lashes a bit of a break, without needing to have them actually stop wearing lash extensions in the meantime!

Beware of “copycat brands”

Be careful of other emerging 0.02mm lash brands. Plumerian Lashes is the original and first supplier of 0.02mm super mega volume lashes and their lash quality remains second to none.

Try 0.02mm Super Mega Lashes today

Thanks for taking the time to read this lash blog and for your interest in the world’s FIRST thinnest eyelash extensions! Enjoy 15% off of any of our 0.02mm lashes with the code “SUPERMEGABLOG” (cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon codes).