Plumerian Inc. is an international eyelash supply company.  We ship out of Canada as well as Australia.  Our website will automatically determine your location and charge in either CAD or AUD (for our Australia and NZ customers). We are blessed to be able to ship worldwide in 1-4 business days!


Plumerian Lashes

Plumerian Lashes today. See for yourself why these lashes are becoming the #1 pick by lash artists worldwide!

  Easy to fan
  Dark black in color
  Fluffy texture
  Tapered design
  16 line trays
  Curl holds strong
  Super soft material

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Black Magic ~ our lash retention secret

~The most AMAZING lash adhesive you will ever use

  0.5-1 second curing time  WATER-based adhesive
  Black in colour
  Very versatile in different environments
  Works best in 45-65% humidity
  Works best in 18-30 degrees Celsius
  6-8 week retention
  Thin consistency that NEVER collapses your 0.03mm MEGA fans
  10ml bottle that lasts 5-7 weeks once opened
 Cruelty and animal testing free
  Latex Free
  Formulated to be removed best with our gel-based Black Magic Eraser~ lash adhesive remover
  Store unopened in the fridge, and in a cool dry place once opened

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Become one of our Authorized Distributers! Purchase our products at a discount in BULK with reasonable minimum quantities, re- sell them at full market price, and keep the difference. We will even promote you on our website and instagram!  Visit our Distributors list in our side menu to find someone near you.