Cyanoacrylate ~ The ins and outs

Our best selling adhesives, Black Magic and White Magic, are Cyanoacrylate and Carbon Black FREE!

Allergic to lash extensions? You could be allergic to the main ingredient in most lash adhesives, cyanoacrylate! Within this blog we will review what cyanoacrylate is, the allergy symptoms that typically present, what ingredients are in our Black Magic and White Magic Lash Adhesives, the difference between Cyanoacrylate and Acrylates Copolymer, the risk analysis of using our adhesive, a discussion on lash retention, and an outline of the different characteristics of our adhesives.

What is Cyanoacrylate?

Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in the majority (99%) of the eyelash extension adhesives on the market. It is commonly referred to under the umbrella of “acrylates”. Acrylates refer to the family under which cyanoacrylate is a part of.

What is Carbon Black?

Carbon Black is a pigment that is often added into eyelash adhesives to give it its black colouring. Carbon Black is an additive that is added to the majority (99%) of the eyelash extension adhesives on the market.

What allergy symptoms typically present when exposed to Cyanoacrylate and/or Carbon Black?

Allergy symptoms can present in many different ways, for different people. The most common reactions are localized around the site of application, being the eyelids. Redness, swelling, dryness, and/or itchiness to the eyelid area are just a few of the most common symptoms that present. These symptoms often do not present straight away and may be delayed by several hours to days, from the time of the lash extension application. Reactions to cyanoacrylate and to carbon black may often overlap, and due to the fact that the majority of eyelash adhesives actually contain both these ingredients, it is often hard to distinguish with ingredient is causing your symptoms. Carbon Black can bring on some even more serious respiratory symptoms including shortness of breath, irritation of your respiratory tract (eyes, nose, throat, lungs), or even flu-like symptoms (stuffy nose). Other reactive symptoms may include hives, headaches or light headedness, or nausea.

I’ve been getting lash extensions for years, why am I reacting now?

This is our most requested answer, and it is a tricky one to answer! Our bodies act in mysterious ways, and often we don’t have an answer for why exactly reactions seemingly happen out of nowhere. Basically, your body begins to slowly see your adhesive (or more specifically, the moderate to highly irritating ingredients within it, such as cyanoacrylate or carbon black) as an allergen. Our eyes are a very sensitive mucous membrane, and once your body starts to feel irritated and the reaction cascade begins, the symptoms are difficult to ignore!

What ingredients are in Black Magic?

Being a primarily WATER-based adhesive, means that Black Magic is able to include more of the ingredients that are zero to mildly irritating, verses the moderate to highly irritating ingredients such as carbon black and cyanoacrylate. Black Magic does NOT contain any cyanoacrylate or carbon black. See below for the ingredient and % weight details of the components within our Black Magic Lash Adhesive.

Ingredient% Weight
Poly (vinyl alcohol)12
Acrylates Copolymer8
Polycinyl Pyrrolidone1
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose0.2
Methyl Paraben0.2

What ingredients are in White Magic?

White Magic Lash Adhesive is CLEAR ADHESIVE that is a primarily Latex and Water-based adhesive that also does NOT contain cyanoacrylate or carbon black. See below for the ingredient and % weight details of the components within our White Magic Lash Adhesive.

Ingredients% Weight
White Latex60-65

Cyanoacrylate vs Acrylates Copolymer

Cyanoacrylate and Acrylates Copolymer are both sub types of Acrylates. Our Black Magic Lash Adhesive does contain a very small percentage (8%) of Acrylates Copolymer. Cyanoacrylate is classified as a moderate to severe irritant whereas Acrylates Copolymer is classified as a mild irritant. Because of this, there is a much lower risk of clients reacting to Black Magic, due to it only containing 8% Acrylates Copolymer, which is only a mild irritant.

What are the risks of using Black Magic and/or White Magic?

The risks of using Black Magic and/or White Magic, although not 0% (or risk free), are significantly less than that of any other eyelash adhesive on the market today. We do not call our adhesives “sensitive” or “hypoallergenic”, because we do not want to promise results that may not be realistic for all of our clients. We simply state that our adhesives do not contain these highly irritating ingredients and that they have been loved by thousands of clients, as well as lash artists, worldwide.

How is the retention of Black Magic and/or White Magic?

We do get this question asked a LOT ~ how can Black Magic or White Magic have such amazing retention if they don’t contain Cyanoacrylate? Cyanoacrylate isn’t the only binding agent that exists, but we also do not want our clients to worry about knit picking the ingredients within our adhesives and trying to figure out how it sticks so well…. it just DOES! But don’t take our word for it, we know that pictures tell a thousand words… So here are just a few of the many many before and after retention pics showcasing Plumerian’s Black Magic and White Magic Lash Adhesives in action!

Characteristics of Black Magic Lash Adhesive:

✿ 0.5-1 sec curing/drying time
✿ Water-based adhesive
✿ Cyanoacrylate, carbon black, and latex FREE
✿ Black in Color
✿ Very versatile in different environments
✿ Works best in 45-65% humidity (you can use a humidifier if you want this adhesive to cure/ dry faster)
✿ Works best in 18-30 degrees Celsius
✿ Incredible 6-8+ week retention
✿ Thin consistency that NEVER collapses your 0.02 or 0.03mm mega or super mega volume lash fans
✿ Cruelty and animal testing free
✿ Vegan

Characteristics of White Magic Lash Adhesive:

✿ Clear in color
✿ Incredible 7-8 week retention
✿ Super thin viscosity
✿ ~1sec curing/drying time
✿ Very versatile in different environments
✿ Works best in 25-70% humidity
✿ Works best in 18-30 degrees Celsius
✿ Has very low fumes

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Join the movement towards using a lash adhesive that not only has amazing retention results, but also doesn’t contain a number of the most irritating ingredients on the market.

Beware of “copycat brands”

Be careful of other brands that claim to not have Cyanoacrylate or Carbon Black within their adhesive. Email them and ask for their MSDS sheet and see for yourself if it is true or not. Also be aware that no other brand of adhesive that may claim to be Cyanoacrylate free has shown the type of amazing retention that our Black Magic and White Magic adhesives do! The proof is in the pictures!

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