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BLOOM is the last eyelash growth serum you will need to buy.  Apply this clear serum to the base of your upper eyelashes once to twice per day and you will begin to notice growth results within 1-2 weeks!  Use daily for a minimum of 1 month to achieve maximum growth results, then continue use once every 2-3 days to maintain this maximum length.  

Have lash extensions on?  No problem! BLOOM is lash extension safe and will also aid in extending the retention of your lash extensions.  How? BLOOM works by extending the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes.  This means that your lashes will grow for a longer amount of time within the ANAGEN phase, before continuing into the CATAGEN and TELOGEN phases, before finally falling out (a natural process for all hair growth).  

We love seeing your personal results so please forward us your before and after pics showcasing your personal experience with BLOOM and we will send you a FREE bottle to thank you for your business! (just pay for the shipping)

Distributor pricing and options available as well.  Simply add a minimum of 8 bottles of BLOOM to your cart and notice big discounts on checkout!

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