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This is the best adhesive storage container you’ll ever use!  Completely air tight and designed to keep moisture/ humidity away from your adhesive, thus extending its freshness.  

*Each Black Shield container will come filled with silica packets.  

Store your bottle of lash adhesive in “The Black Shield” with a few silica packets and you will notice that your silica will take ~over 1 month to start to turn from orange to green!  If left out, silica typically takes only a few days to fully saturate. So you can literally see how effective The Black Shield is at protecting your lash adhesive from unwanted humidity!

As you are lashing… every ~10min when you need a fresh glue drop, take your adhesive out of The Black Shield, give it a quick 10 second shake, and drop 2-3 drops in your disposable adhesive tray to form a bubble.  Next, screw the lid back on TIGHT, put your adhesive back into The Black Shield with a few silica packets, and press the button on the front to close it and seal your precious adhesive away from the humidity in your lash room!

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