BLACK MAGIC LASH ADHESIVE ~ cyanoacrylate free


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BLACK MAGIC LASH ADHESIVE ~ cyanoacrylate free

This adhesive will give you the most AMAZING retention you have ever had!!!  Read our blog Lash Retention 101 to ensure that you are doing all of the right things and using Black Magic to the best of it’s ability!

What are the properties of our Black Magic Lash Adhesive?

  0.5-1 second curing time
  WATER-based adhesive
  Black in colour
  Very versatile in different environments
  Works best in 45-65% humidity
  Works best in 18-30 degrees Celsius
  6-8 week retention
  Thin consistency that NEVER collapses your 0.03mm MEGA or your 0.02mm SUPER MEGA volume fans!
  10ml bottle that lasts 5-7 weeks once opened
  Cruelty and animal testing free
  Latex Free
  Formulated to be removed best with our gel-based Black Magic Eraser~ lash adhesive remover
  Store unopened in the fridge, and in a cool dry place once opened

Bulk purchasing options available. Add a minimum of 10 bottles to your cart and get a huge discount! 

Disclaimer: We do NOT offer a money back guarantee in the event that an allergic reaction occurs with the use of Black Magic Lash Adhesive.  Although the chance of reaction is significantly lower with use of Black Magic due to the absence of cyanoacrylate in its formula, we can not guarantee that a client won’t be sensitive to any of its other ingredients.  Read our lash blog for more information on CYANOACRYLATE FREE lash adhesives, and receive a discount code to use on your next order!

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.9 × 1.63 × 0.9 in

5 mls, 10 mls