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Each order includes 10 silica packets.

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This revolutionary product will be a life-saver for the storage of your lash adhesive.  We have all been told to store our adhesive with SILICA packets right??  Silica absorbs moisture from its environment, allowing for the storage of your lash adhesive in a dry environment, prolonging its longevity and composition. 

Silica packets are only good until they have become saturated with the moisture from their environment, deeming them useless after that point and time. These silica packets are COLOUR CHANGING which means that they change from orange to green once they have become saturated by the moisture in their environment and are no longer functioning.  

All Black Magic lash adhesives will now be mailed out with one of these silica packets inside it’s box.  Once your packet turns green, throw it away and purchase additional silica packets so that you can continue to keep the environment around your lash adhesive free from moisture.  

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